Characteristics AOC Cassis Blanc 2012

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Some connoisseurs appreciate this white wine well balanced. It's aniseed-flavoured freshness and salted touches, it offers a vigorous and material taste over flavors becoming honeyed and finally iodized.
This 2012 straw-colored wine evolves softly to tastes of acacia and peach syrup.
Delicately balanced when in mouth, this wine is required on your table from to-day.
White of gastronomy, it will perfectly come with fish, seafood, bouillabaisse and goat's cheese.
And you'll be surprised with spicy food and sushi.

blanc articlesymbole-clos-60pxLAND
- Chalky clay stony sol
- 8 hectares of vineyard on terraces below the cap Canaille cliff
- 1.4 hectares directly in the property in front of the sea
- Annual rainfall of 600 mm
- Output strictly limited to 35 hectoliters per hectare

symbole-clos-60pxGRAPE VARIETIES
- Marsanne: Principal grape variety and emblematic for Cassis whites: 45 %
- Clairette: Fresh and aromatic, low in acidity and well developed in Provence: 20 %
- Ugni blanc: Relatively acidic, ideal for completing the blend: 30 %
- Bourboulenc: Close to clairette, fresh and aromatic: 5 %

- Gobelet pruning of the wines with three branches
- Vineyard partially paled up
- Irrigation forbidden
- Average age of the vines: 30 years

symbole-clos-60pxWINE PREPARATION
- Filling the wine press with destemmed grapes
- Slow cycle at a week intensity pneumatic wine press
- Transfer of juice into a cement tank with a regulated temperature to settle
- Filtration of sediment and reintegration
- Fermentation temperature regulated to 17°
- 13% alcohol

symbole-clos-60pxWINE DEVELOPMENT
- Wine rests for between 14 to 18 months
- Œnologist controls
- Bottling takes place on the Estate

- Serve cold: between 12° et 13°
- Light yellow color bright and clear
- Delicate nose with hints of toast, minerals, spice
- Pepper and white flowers
- To taste, the start is lively and opulent with a mellow and unctuous evolution
- End with flavours of honey and a light of bitterness

- Store in a cold and dry place with a consistent level of humidity
- Bottles kept in a horizontal position to keep the cork moist
- Keep the wine for between 2 and 4 years

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